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  • The Easy Way to Mindfulness

    Do you want to free yourself from worry and anxiety? Allen Carr’s Easyway method has brilliantly transformed lives all over the world, setting out a wonderful practical pathway to help free millions from a whole variety of addictions. It strips away the illusions that leave us prey to negative thoughts and behaviours, showing us how to gain clarity and...
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  • No More Fear of Flying

    Fear of flying is a distressing condition that can have a devastating effect on your life. FOFs – people with fear of flying – either put themselves through hell every time they take a flight, or else they avoid flying altogether. Luckily, help is at hand. The Allen Carr Easyway method has helped millions of people to quit smoking,...
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  • The Easy Way to Stop Gambling

    Allen Carr’s Easy Way has helped over 14 million people to date and counting! His revolutionary approach to the problem of addiction allows addicts to take back control of their lives. Here in this brand new book the renowned Easy Way method is applied to the subject of gambling. Most gamblers are convinced that it’s almost impossible to stop...
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  • Get Out of Debt Now

    Allen Carr’s Get Out of Debt Now applies Allen Carr’s Easyway method to the problem of debt and the addiction to spending. It starts by addressing the various psychological attitudes to money and spending that lead to debt. By unravelling the brainwashing instilled by the banking and credit industries, it adjusts our mindset to show what really gives us...
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  • No More Worrying

    This little gem of a book reveals all the mental strategies you need for taking control, achieving inner peace and turning even the worst-case scenarios into win-win situations. Based on the most successful stop smoking method of all time, Easyway, ‘No More Worrying’ offers a step-by-step summary that is perfect for use on its own or as a companion...
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  • The Easy Way to Enjoy Flying

    Read this book and flying will become a happy, stress-free experience for life. The unique method: – Removes the root of the fear, not just the symptoms – Dispels all the most common flying fears – Reveals the truth behind media scare stories – Packed with tips to help you on your next flightAllen Carr, author of the world’s...
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