By now we know that sugar is all around us, and we should be able to pinpoint the foods to avoid with ease. But added sugar lurks in surprising places, and you might just be feeding your addiction without even realising. Here are 5 everyday foods that harbour a sugary secret…

1. Yoghurt

Convenient, quick, and with more options than ever to choose from, yoghurts are a lunchtime staple for many of us. With clever branding flaunting numerous nutritional benefits, you could be forgiven for thinking you’ve made a healthy choice. However, some name brands contain almost 40% of your daily allowance of the sweet stuff.

2. Bread

For lunch on the go, what could be better than grabbing a sandwich? But even your humble loaf may contain hidden sugars. While bread can contain naturally occurring sugars, an alarming number of major manufacturers add even more into their dough, with some brands totalling half a teaspoon per slice.

3. Salad

Dressing You would never sprinkle sugar over your healthy green salad (or at least, we hope you wouldn’t). But you may be unwittingly pouring it on in the guise of a ‘healthy’ salad dressing. With so-called light dressings high on the list of culprits, stick to homemade vinaigrette to keep your salad sugar-free.

4. Dried Fruit

Not even fruit is safe from the sugar epidemic – not if you’re going for the dried version, at least. The drying process itself concentrates any existing sugars, and for sour or tart fruits, the refined kind is added to make up the flavour. Though dried will never trump fresh in terms of health benefits, if you do find yourself reaching for the raisins, be sure to check the ingredients first.

5. Baked Beans

Whether it’s for a full English or a speedy kid’s tea, baked beans are a feature in millions of kitchens. But some cans contain up to 3 teaspoons of sugar, a third of the amount found in some fizzy drinks. Convenient they may be, but even beans aren’t safe from the sugar trap.