We are thrilled to launch our new Allen Carr app today. It is called Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking

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and it is available in the app store now.

With this app we finally have a chance to make some fantastic ‘vintage’ footage of Allen Carr himself available to an app user audience. In the 80 minute video, which is delivered in a step-by-step/chapter-by-chapter format, Allen delivers his revolutionary method. It is as powerful now as it was when Allen first discovered it.

We are excited about this latest addition to the Easyway Publishing programme, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback. Don’t forget, if a digital product isn’t right for you we also publish a number of bestselling books. Finally, if you would like support and guidance from one of Allen Carr’s Easyway Clinics please get in touch here – they are always happy to help.