The Easyway method already exists in the form of clinics, books, apps, DVDs, online courses and audiobooks. In each case the method is the same but simply uses different vehicles to communicate it.

Which vehicle should you use? It’s a question of personal choice. Some people prefer reading books, others prefer watching videos. Some people like DVDs, many now access all their content online.

We want to offer everyone the widest possible choice, so we are delighted to launch the DVD of Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking as video-on-demand (VOD) on

The DVD, presented by leading Easyway therapist Robin Hayley and introduced by Allen Carr, has been a great success story, offering a convenient 60-minute programme, including dramatic reconstructions, animation and direct instructions.

Vimeo VOD means that you can watch the programme on any internet-connected device, from your home computer to your smartphone. No need to install anything! To find out more click here.

A selection of feedback for the DVD:

Success at last
By Ms. A. E. Harmsworth

This DVD certainly worked for me. Was expecting pictures of lungs and lectures of how smoking kills you, but this is completely the opposite. It’s very motivational and encouraging. It makes you feel good about giving up, and gives you a will power boost that will keep you going through those difficult first few days! All of my family that smoked have used it, and we’ve all given up!

If you’re ready to give up smoking, this is the DVD for you. Plus, it’s a lot quicker to watch than to read the book, so you’ll be off the tabs in no time! Good Luck

This really works
By D. Baldwin

Read the book, nearly stopped smoking. Decided to buy the DVD as it would be quicker than reading the book again. That was 7 weeks ago and have not smoked since. Only had cravings for a couple of days. and have not used any nicotine substitutes. I also have not substitiuted food and have not put on any weight. I have given up before and this time it has been so easy. I cannot explain how or why it works, but please give it a go. (I do not know whther reading the book first made any difference)