The Easy Way to Stop Smoking (iOS)

ISBN-13: 9781784280246

Language: English (UK)

This app contains vintage footage of Allen Carr himself - presenting his revolutionary method. After 80 engaging minutes "in the company of" Allen Carr - you will gain the key to set yourself free.

Whatever you do - DO NOT STOP SMOKING before you have viewed this entire app. Given that you're planning to stop smoking - being told to "carry on" for a little longer is probably a little confusing...but no doubt music to your ears. At this point you're probably finding the concept of it being "easy to stop smoking" a little hard to believe but all we ask is that you progress through this app, carry on smoking, and follow the instructions. When you are ready to have your final cigarette you'll understand why Allen Carr's Easyway method has sold more than 15 MILLION books worldwide almost entirely on the strength of word of mouth; it works!


Whether you are a chainsmoker, an occasional smoker, a cigar or pipe smoker, young or old, or whether you're using e-cigarettes, nicotine patches, nicotine gum, or any other nicotine product this app can set you free. If you haven't smoked in the past few days - there is no need to do so - other than that - please do carry on smoking as normal while you make your way through this app.

This app is proudly supported by Allen Carr's worldwide network of stop smoking clinics. If at any stage during or after the use of this app you have any questions or concerns or require additional guidance you are very welcome to contact your nearest Allen Carr's Easyway Clinic for free of charge advice. A link to the clinics is included in the app. Allen Carr's Easyway is the most successful self-help stop-smoking method of all time. It has helped millions of smokers from all over the world quit instantly, easily and painlessly.

Praise for Allen Carr's Easyway:

"Allen Carr explodes the myth that giving up smoking is difficult"
- The Times

His method is absolutely unique, removing the dependence on cigarettes"
- Sir Richard Branson

"I was really impressed by the method. In spite of the success and fame of Allen Carr's Easyway, there were no gimmicks and the professional was something a GP could readily respect. I would be happy to give a medical endorsement of the method to anyone"
- Dr PM Bray MB, CHb, MRCGP

"Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking program achieved for me a thing that I thought was not possible - to give up a thirty-year smoking habit literally overnight. It was nothing short of a miracle."
- Anjelica Huston

"Allow Allen Carr to help you escape painlessly today."
- The Observer