Get Out of Debt Now

ISBN-13: 9785981246470

Language: Russian

An easy way to live debt free is to apply the most successful addiction coping system ever to solve the problems of those people who suffer from exorbitant debt as a result of unnecessary impulse buying and wastefulness.

The main purpose of this book is to help you end the suffering that debt brings and become happy through freedom from debt bondage and lack of financial problems. We will analyze the psychological attitudes and illusions imposed on us that form a frivolous attitude towards money and indiscriminate consumption, which usually cause debts and a difficult life crisis. With this book, you will develop a simple and effective plan for getting out of your personal financial crisis and freeing yourself from debt bondage, take control of your expenses again, pay off debts and restore relationships with people without suffering or hardship. You will be able to buy whatever you need, enjoying the healthy pleasure of spending money, and enjoy a happy, fulfilling and fulfilling life for the rest of your days without the exhausting burden of debt.