James Spader

James Spader talks about his long journey to finally quitting smoking on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Get the book here. read more

No pressure

“New Year’s Day! The day every smoker resolves to stop smoking. Don’t! … it just so happens to be the very worst day in the year,” wrote Allen Carr in How to be a Happy Non-Smoker. Well, today is January 1st – and there’s no time like the present! But Allen’s sentiment still rings true. There is only one perfect time to quit smoking, and that’s when you are ready. In an article about quitting with Allen Carr, Ontario-based Paul Rollinger writes that his decision to quit for good, after four decades, was spurred on by ‘nothing concrete, other than it’s time.’ The key to being free of smoking once and for all is to not be pressured into it. Just as Paul quit when he felt it was truly the right time, Coco Rose Morrison, another recent quitter, explains: ‘Friends and family have always hammered us smokers to quit. read more


Mindfulness. Recently, it’s a word that has been hard to avoid. It seems like everyone is doing it, or if you’re not, like something that you definitely should be doing. But what exactly does mindfulness mean, and how does it apply to you? If you’re interested in the idea but not sure where to start, this new book, The Easy Way To Mindfulness, will help set you on the path to a more mindful existence using his famous Easyway method. Research shows that average stress levels are higher today than at any other time in history. As everyday pressure and anxiety keep on mounting, we often tell ourselves that we shouldn’t worry so much, yet somehow we feel helpless to stop. But happiness is not beyond our reach, nor a consequence of things beyond our control. It’s how you choose to respond to these things that determines your happiness – read more

Free audiobook sample: The Easy Way to Control Alcohol

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Do we have a drinking problem?

  In many societies, alcohol problems are rarely out of the news, and the situation appears to be getting worse. With stories of ever more bizarre forms of binge drinking (Neknominate, anyone?) and proposals to make it illegal to drink while pregnant, is our society really in the grips of an alcohol crisis? Or does the media merely highlight and exaggerate things that have always gone on, in one way or another?                                                 We have been reflecting on this issue as the Christmas party season is once again in full swing. Our book Stop Drinking Now by Allen Carr (available here) deals with the “Alcoholic” stigma and society’s contradictory attitude towards alcohol. We wanted to share this quote from the book with you: Why do they conceal it? Because read more

Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking now available as Video-On-Demand

Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking now available as Video-On-Demand The Easyway method already exists in the form of clinics, books, apps, DVDs, online courses and audiobooks. In each case the method is the same but simply uses different vehicles to communicate it. Which vehicle should you use? It’s a question of personal choice. Some people prefer reading books, others prefer watching videos. Some people like DVDs, many now access all their content online. We want to offer everyone the widest possible choice, so we are delighted to launch the DVD of Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking as video-on-demand (VOD) on The DVD, presented by leading Easyway therapist Robin Hayley and introduced by Allen Carr, has been a great success story, offering a convenient 60-minute programme, including dramatic reconstructions, animation and direct instructions. Vimeo VOD means that you can watch the programme on any internet-connected device, from your home computer to your smartphone. No need to install read more

Pregnant women to have ‘smoking’ breath test?

[View the story “Pregnant women to have ‘smoking’ breath test?” on Storify] read more

Smoking: Can the nation kick the habit? (BBC)

An interesting new article on today: “Smoking: Can the nation kick the habit?” It is already attracting hundreds of comments and comes in the wake of a new, hard-hitting government media campaign that marks a return to the use of shock tactics. read more

Allen Carr app for iPhone and iPad

We are thrilled to launch our new Allen Carr app today. It is called Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking and it is available in the app store now. With this app we finally have a chance to make some fantastic ‘vintage’ footage of Allen Carr himself available to an app user audience. In the 80 minute video, which is delivered in a step-by-step/chapter-by-chapter format, Allen delivers his revolutionary method. It is as powerful now as it was when Allen first discovered it. We are excited about this latest addition to the Easyway Publishing programme, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback. Don’t forget, if a digital product isn’t right for you we also publish a number of bestselling books. Finally, if you would like support and guidance from one of Allen Carr’s Easyway Clinics please get in touch here – they are always happy to read more

Easyway Online Bookstore Launch

Easyway Online Bookstore Launch Over 13 million Easyway books have already been sold worldwide and that number is growing rapidly. So we thought it is high time we brought all Easyway publications together under one digital roof! Now that eBooks and other digital formats make up such a significant part of Allen Carr’s Easyway Publishing we also want to make it as straightforward as possible for you to find the title you are looking for, no matter where you live or what device you prefer. For now we have decided to link and refer you to major book or eBook retailers of your choice to complete any purchases. After all, they are the experts in getting the publications to you as quickly and cheaply as possible. Over time we will add more links to a greater number of international retailers, so you will always be able to buy Allen Carr’s Easyway Publications from a read more

The Growing Worldwide Team – Portugal

From the desk of John Dicey, Worldwide Director, Allen Carr’s Easyway.   We are so fortunate to have such an amazing group of people within Allen Carr’s Easyway organisation across the world. People who want to find out how to stop smoking easily sometimes find it really hard to imagine that it is possible. They are so used to attempts to quit smoking ending up feeling like a never-ending fight that leaves them feeling miserable and deprived of cigarettes. In their search for a way to stop smoking it can often be inspiring for them to hear how our team around the world has been brought together. This is another installment in a series of features that look at the journeys taken by members of Allen Carr’s Easyway To Stop Smoking Therapist team; from being some of the most prolific smokers on the planet to becoming happy non-smokers and world-leaders read more

How to get my father to use the Allen Carr’s Easyway stop smoking method

We received an interesting enquiry at Allen Carr’s Easyway To Stop Smoking Clinic in London recently. A gentleman who had stopped smoking easily after attending one of our quit smoking seminars wrote to ask for advice regarding his father and how he might inspire him to stop smoking. The writer said that while he was explaining how the stop smoking session seemed to work (to another family member) his father appeared to take some interest. The writer explained that he told his father and the family member that it was all very easy to stop smoking, that there were no scare tactics, or health lectures – in fact not a single mention of the C word! He explained that smokers are able to carry on smoking throughout the session until the end and how all the people on the course were all very happy. How it was almost miraculous in read more