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Quit Smoking in 4 Days

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A Personal Message from Allen Carr

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How Much Do You Really Know About Caffeine?

Over 80% of adults in the UK use caffeine every day, many of us struggling to wake up without our morning cup of joe. Yet despite our steady consumption of tea, coffee and fizzy drinks, most give little thought to where caffeine comes from, or how it even works. Here are some facts that every coffee-drinker should know. It Blocks Your Receptors As the day wears on, a neurochemical called adenosine builds up in our bodies, and after reaching certain levels it starts to make us sleepy. Enter caffeine. Caffeine binds and essentially blocks our adenosine receptors, allowing our body’s natural stimulants to go about their business. It’s The Most Widely Used CNS Stimulant CNS, or central nervous system stimulants, speed up both mental and physical processes in the body. Other substances in this category include cocaine, amphetamines, and nicotine. Just like these other stimulants, caffeine is addictive and can read more

5 foods that are surprisingly high in sugar

By now we know that sugar is all around us, and we should be able to pinpoint the foods to avoid with ease. But added sugar lurks in surprising places, and you might just be feeding your addiction without even realising. Here are 5 everyday foods that harbour a sugary secret… 1. Yoghurt Convenient, quick, and with more options than ever to choose from, yoghurts are a lunchtime staple for many of us. With clever branding flaunting numerous nutritional benefits, you could be forgiven for thinking you’ve made a healthy choice. However, some name brands contain almost 40% of your daily allowance of the sweet stuff. 2. Bread For lunch on the go, what could be better than grabbing a sandwich? But even your humble loaf may contain hidden sugars. While bread can contain naturally occurring sugars, an alarming number of major manufacturers add even more into their dough, with read more

#Stoptober 2016

#Stoptober 2016 Are you taking part in #Stoptober to stop smoking? Well done for taking this step – we wish you every success! If you need a little help from us we can recommend 3 publications that might just offer the vital bit of support to get you over the finishing line: The Book  Stop Smoking Now is the latest presentation of the world-famous Allen Carr’s Easyway method in book form.           The App Be Smoke Free in 4 Days is a brilliant way to complete our programme over the course of a few days. Why not start on a Tuesday and be a non-smoker by Friday?         The Audiobook  Audiobooks and Allen Carr’s Easyway are a fantastic match. Sit back or go for a walk and let it all sink in!   read more

Liz’s Journey

Liz’s Journey Vol. IV: Stop Smoking Stories I started smoking when I was fourteen for no other reason than I had a pack of cigarettes in my pocket from someone else and thought why not? I decided to take up smoking full time when I was fifteen, mainly because I could finally fit-in with certain people and that it was simply something to do when I was bored. I was also allowed to smoke at home, which in hindsight, was not what my parents should have allowed me to do. The years passed on and without noticing it, I became more and more addicted to the feeling that I needed to have a cigarette. I had grown up to view the act of smoking as my friend and my crutch. It was my foolproof way to relax and helped to keep me calm and under control. Smoking was the one thing that had always been there for me and for the read more

Muniesh’s Journey

Muniesh’s Journey Vol III: Stop Smoking Stories On May 19th 2012 at around 12.30pm, I had finished reading the last page of Allen Carr’s The Easy Way to Stop Smoking. I can remember such specific details with ease as that moment is probably one of the most significant moments of my life because I had made it…I had finally escaped from smoking. I remember about three weeks on from that date my nicotine cravings had significantly reduced but I was surprised to learn that even in those very rare moments when I would get an urge, I did not go near a single cigarette simply because I did not miss smoking at all.  My life as a smoker had been tightly chained to the thought of when my next smoke break would be. It was as if smoking was running the show of my life; it was in complete control of my day-to-day routine and I was enslaved. I felt read more

Ronan’s Journey

Ronan’s Journey Vol. II: Stop Smoking Stories I would say that I was your typical smoker. I started smoking when I was fourteen years old and when I hit my twenties I was smoking thirty plus cigarettes a day – I had no intention or ability of giving up. Over the years, however, I began to try out various techniques to quit. I tried nicotine patches, nicotine gum, fake cigarettes, hypnosis…I even tried making myself sick by smoking so much in the hope that it would be enough to put me off cigarettes so I wouldn’t ever smoke again. I often thought about getting someone to lock me up for a week so I wouldn’t have access to cigarettes and therefore the desire for cigarettes would vanish and I would be free. My daily schedule, my every action, absolutely everything seemed to revolve around smoking and I felt trapped. Honestly, I thought I was a smoker for life with read more

Vincent’s Journey

Vol. I: Stop Smoking Stories For twenty-two years, I was a two and a half pack a day heavy chain-smoker of cigarettes and an addict to nicotine. Simply put, my past life as a smoker was horrible. For those twenty-two years I poisoned my body every morning, every evening and everyday. It was guaranteed that I would have influenza at least three times a year. I always felt anxious, I always felt irritable, I always smelled horrible and I had a cough for each three hundred and sixty five days a year. It was not uncommon for me to arise from a perfectly peaceful, sound sleep to put nicotine into my body. I was an addict through and through. I had tried quitting for twelve of those twenty-two years and was unsuccessful. Even though I knew I was continuing to torture my body and knew that I was taking years off read more

How I quit in 4 days

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