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Is All Nicotine Bad Nicotine?

E-cigarettes – useful or dangerous? Three big things have made it impossible for experts to agree on an answer. Firstly, e-cigs are pretty new to the world. Figures estimate that US sales rose from 50,000 in 2008 to a staggering 3.5million in 2013: that’s an increase of nearly 7000%. As a new phenomena, it’s difficult to ascertain what effect they have. Secondly, what with the hundreds of international e-cigarette manufacturers and variants available, statistics about usage are estimates at best. Finally and most importantly is the issue of marketing. As with Big Tobacco, plenty of healthcare researchers and advisors have invested interests in the sales of these products – in other words, biased ‘research’ and propaganda has led to e-cigarettes being enshrined by a lot of media. But thankfully, it seems that one big dealmaker, the World Health Organisation, has not yet succumbed to such tactics. WHO documents leaked in read more

How is your Lent spent?

Lent can be a funny thing: The days either side of Pancake Day (or Shrove Tuesday, March 4th) are generally filled with proud/nervous assertions and often incredulous attempts at support. But then what? It can fall silent. Sometimes people’s resolutions seem to fall into a vacuum, never to be heard of again. A few people document their struggles a little longer, before again going quiet. And fewer people still appear to celebrate their achievement come Easter weekend. We’d love to know about people’s Lent experiences, from drinking to smoking, gambling to nail biting. Do the majority of people make it the entire 40 days or is the apparent silence indicative of a Lent black hole? What makes Lent especially interesting is that it is a) a religious tradition rather than a piece of marketing and b) it is entirely personal – one person can give up their lifelong habit of read more

Dry January… Wet February?

Dry January… Wet February? Dry January may be done and dusted, but the issue of alcohol is still more or less unchanged. There is always a new headline about alcohol: pubs on motorways, underage drinking, Neknominate. One ongoing topic here in the UK is that of the proposed introduction of a minimum price for alcohol in shops, which would be 45 pence (75¢) per unit. Though this legislation has been rejected for England and Wales, it is still a possibility in Scotland. But are such proposals really the way forward? In essence, as a nation, we want everybody to be able to control their alcohol intake and act responsibly under its influence. Perhaps only time can tell whether or not such a law will help bring reality closer to this vision. But these propositions raise a bigger question. Are we really just trying to reduce the symptoms – binge drinking, drink driving, deaths and read more

Please! No More Diets

Please! No More Diets Is choice always such a good thing? Acid-Alkaline, 5:2, DASH, Flat Belly, Paleo: you’re certainly spoilt for choice if you want to find a diet. After seeing the countless offerings made to us during the New Year rush, we can all agree that the diet industry is booming. Companies are asking us to buy their diet books, eat their branded foods and go to their paid events, which makes it clear that this is a big business that goes well beyond researching food just for science’s sake. Quite understandably, the sheer variety of diets on the market is making people question how sensible fads are for attaining that ideal body in a healthy and sustainable way. Is my problem carbs or exercise? Overeating or just a dodgy metabolism? Only one thing is (more or less) clear: nobody can live off grapefruits day in, day out. So as we’ve become suspicious read more

Easyway Stories: Gemma

There are many reasons to quit smoking, be it for better health and wellbeing or a nicer looking bank balance. Either way, both are very well documented. What you might not know so well are the hidden, silent benefits which affect your mindset and attitude. It only seems suiting then that I write about the changes in my mindset: in my opinion, that is the foundation on which the magic of Allen Carr’s Easyway lies. Probably the most notable difference I have experienced is the massive growth in my self-confidence and self-esteem. I say ‘growth’ but perhaps I should say ‘restoration’, because it was only when I quit that I realised how much confidence I had lost during my addiction. You see, before I had decided to read Allen’s book, I had convinced myself that I was a quirky, 20-something Bridget Jones character. In reality, I was a walking contradiction. read more

No pressure quitting

No pressure quitting “New Year’s Day! The day every smoker resolves to stop smoking. Don’t! …it just so happens to be the very worst day in the year,” wrote Allen Carr in How to be a Happy Non-Smoker. Well, today is January 2nd – and there’s no time like the present! But Allen’s sentiment still rings true. There is only one perfect time to quit smoking, and that’s when you are ready. In a recent article about quitting with Allen Carr, Ontario-based Paul Rollinger writes that his decision to quit for good, after four decades, was spurred on by ‘nothing concrete, other than it’s time.’ The key to being free of smoking once and for all is to not be pressured into it. Just as Paul quit when he felt it was truly the right time, Coco Rose Morrison, another recent quitter, explains: ‘Friends and family have always hammered us smokers to quit. read more

My first Allen-versary

Happy Allen-versary! Graham Elsam, 54, from Bath, will celebrate his first ‘Allen-versary’ later this month. Here he talks to Allen Carr Books about his experience of quitting using Easy Way To Stop Smoking, and his smoke-free 2013.   When did you quit smoking? Did the Christmas/New Year period inspire your decision to quit? I quit at 21.53 on December 28th 2012. It felt like a good time to quit, and several friends were quitting around the same time. How many times had you tried to quit previously? I had tried 3 or 4 times before, after having smoked since I was 21. I am now 54. My longest previous attempt lasted 18 months, when I was 40. For how long, and how frequently, did you smoke? I began smoking at 21, and smoked rolling tobacco almost daily. I probably had 18-20 a day. What did you hate most about being read more

Plain Packaging Part Two: We had a fabulous response to our blog about plain packaging.

From the desk of John Dicey, Worldwide Director, Allen Carr’s Easyway Plain Packaging Part Two: We had a fabulous response to our blog about plain packaging. Here is a taster of some of the discussion that followed on our Facebook page Sue Glazier: As if that’s going to make any difference at all. As a smoker I didn’t take any notice at all of the packaging my tobacco came in. It was just a means of identifying one brand from another. And as for them thinking it will stop teenagers from smoking, that’s rubbish too. If they are able to get hold of cigs, they also don’t care how they are packaged. At that age its just a case of “ooh look at me, I’m so mature I’m smoking now” and they just tend to get them from whoever they can no matter what package they are in. That’s my opinion from read more