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We’re delighted to mark the launch of the “Easyway Express” Audiobook by asking John Dicey, Worldwide Managing Director and CEO, Allen Carr’s Easyway, a few questions about it.

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Below is the transcript of our interview:

9781784281175.jpgWhy audiobooks – what’s so good about the audiobook format?

Personally, I love the audiobook format. It wasn’t so long ago that creating an audiobook was an incredibly tiresome and complicated process and you’d end up having to package them in four or five different CDs. These days, being able to download audio to a smartphone or mobile device makes book reading so easy. I personally don’t have a lot of time to read but I do enjoy listening to books on my commute. It’s a great time saver. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, it’s a great way for me to make time to read when otherwise I wouldn’t be able to.

Are audiobooks and Easyway a good fit?

Yes I think they’re a great fit. The functionality of audio books, being able to scroll forward or backwards, being able to listen to a paragraph or chapter you’re not sure you understood or listened to properly before, is great. It’s really effortless. It’s not quite as good as being at one of our live seminars or clinic sessions where you can stop and ask the therapist questions and delve a little deeper, but it’s a great way to enjoy the method in an easy-going, laid-back way.

What’s so special about the Easyway Express edition? Why bring out a new edition now?

What I think is really special is we’re always trying to put the method across in as many different ways as possible. We’ve adapted Allen Carr’s Easyway method for youngsters, a kind of comic strip adaptation to hopefully prevent them from starting smoking. We’ve done versions of the method in a written format for people who struggle to read – people who aren’t necessarily used to reading wordy books. We’ve enjoyed making illustrated versions of the method for people who prefer taking on information in that way. DVDs, webcasts delivered online, we even did a stop smoking game for the Nintendo platform. So we’ve really pushed the boundaries on how many different ways we can get Allen Carr’s Easyway method across to as many different types of people as possible.

This Express version is for people in a hurry. It’s designed to be concise and snappy, and easy to read quickly. So kind of a halfway house between a really short, concise read and a lengthier read. I think this ticks a lot of boxes for modern life, where everyone’s in a hurry.

Easyway Express mentions e-cigarettes in the title. Aren’t Easyway and e-cigs both useful tools to stop smoking?

Well unfortunately, most people who use e-cigarettes tend to continue to smoke as well. So on paper, although e-cigarettes seem less harmful, most smokers don’t get any health benefit from trying to switch. The vast majority of them smoke when they can and smoke e-cigarettes when they can’t, so quite often they take on board more nicotine than when they just smoked. Most return to smoking as normal. And after each failed attempt to quit, a smoker feels worse about themselves.

In the Easyway Express, we address e-cigarettes in full detail so if you smoke, if you smoke and use e-cigarettes, or if you just use e-cigarettes, the book can set you free from your addiction nightmare.

It’s really important that even if you don’t use e-cigarettes, you read the part of the book that refers to them. Smokers are now constantly bombarded with the images that used to be thrown at them in the 1950s and 60s, with advertising campaigns from the tobacco companies. The same sort of campaigns are now being used to hook people into using e-cigarettes. I would say it’s really important that whether you use e-cigarettes or not, the e-cigarette element of the Easyway Express is important to understand.

People might be wondering, ‘what if I’ve read the Easyway To Stop Smoking or another Easyway edition. Is it worth me trying the Easyway Express?’

Yes it’s definitely worth reading the Easyway Express. Most people who do start smoking again after reading Allen Carr’s Easyway To Stop Smoking or any other Allen Carr book do so through curiosity or overconfidence. They forget what they escaped from, they think one cigarette won’t hurt. Then they find out what Allen said is true. They fall back into the trap very quickly or over a period of time. Sometimes it just takes one more attempt to stop smoking, a fresh delivery of the method. That’s just what’s needed. So for those people I think it’s ideal.

I’ll mention again that it’s important, even if you have no intention of using e-cigarettes, to read and understand the part of the book that addresses the e-cigarette phenomenon. It’s something that all people, whether they smoke or not, whether they use e-cigarettes or not, are exposed to. The way e-cigarettes are being marketed and promoted – not just by companies owned by the tobacco industry, but by parts of the pharmaceutical industry and independent e-cigarette companies too – make everybody vulnerable to nicotine addiction and to the messages they’re given. So I think the information in the Easyway Express about e-cigarettes is important for everyone to read.

So it’s perfect if you’re one of those people who’ve used the method before and fallen back into the trap: then it’s a great idea to read this book.

Do I need to be relaxing on a bed to listen to this? Is it hypnotherapy?

No, you don’t need to be relaxing in bed to listen to the book! There’s no hypnotherapy involved, just listen at a time that’s convenient to you. As I mentioned earlier I love listening to audiobooks during my commute to work, particularly when I’m walking. Sometimes if my attention is distracted about a thought about work or an issue that’s arisen during the say, I suddenly realise I’ve not been listening properly. So that’s when the scrolling back feature is really good – I skip back to the last bit I remember listening to and then start that again. But you don’t need to be über-focused, just listen when you can and enjoy escaping from the nicotine trap!