Mindfulness. Recently, it’s a word that has been hard to avoid. It seems like everyone is doing it, or if you’re not, like something that you definitely should be doing. But what exactly does mindfulness mean, and how does it apply to you? If you’re interested in the idea but not sure where to start, this new book, The Easy Way To Mindfulness, will help set you on the path to a more mindful existence using his famous Easyway method.

Research shows that average stress levels are higher today than at any other time in history. As everyday pressure and anxiety keep on mounting, we often tell ourselves that we shouldn’t worry so much, yet somehow we feel helpless to stop. But happiness is not beyond our reach, nor a consequence of things beyond our control. It’s how you choose to respond to these things that determines your happiness – sometimes all it takes is a simple set of instructions to show you that choice is there.

Mindfulness underpins the Easyway philosophy and has since its conception over 30 years ago. Having found phenomenal success in helping millions of people stop smoking, the Easyway approach has also been applied to problems such as alcohol, weight, and much, much more. At the root of all this is Allen Carr’s quest to enable people to find happiness.

This new title goes beyond the world of addiction and out into the wider world of people looking to better manage the anxieties of modern life. Just as the smoker is wrong in his belief that cigarettes make him happy, many of us are mistaken about what is making us miserable. Easyway helps to unravel the myths that keep us trapped in negative ways of thinking, by helping us to see that there is more to us than our own thoughts and beliefs. In this new book, The Easy Way to Mindfulness, Allen Carr approaches mindfulness in simple, accessible steps that lead the way towards a more mindful, happy you.