Allen Carr’s Easyway: Get personal when stopping smoking

“New Year’s Day! The day every smoker resolves to stop smoking. Don’t! … it just so happens to be the very worst day in the year,” wrote Allen Carr in How to be a Happy Non-Smoker.

Well, today is January 1st – and there’s no time like the present! But Allen’s sentiment still rings true. There is only one perfect time to quit smoking, and that’s when you are ready. In an article about quitting with Allen Carr, Ontario-based Paul Rollinger writes that his decision to quit for good, after four decades, was spurred on by ‘nothing concrete, other than it’s time.’

The key to being free of smoking once and for all is to not be pressured into it. Just as Paul quit when he felt it was truly the right time, Coco Rose Morrison, another recent quitter, explains: ‘Friends and family have always hammered us smokers to quit. But them doing so ultimately makes us light up twice as much’.

Perhaps then, Allen was suspicious of New Year’s resolutions because peer pressure and smoking make for a disastrous combination. Together, they made you start smoking, and are now preventing you from quitting.

Groups of friends who quit together often don’t process the method and experience properly – that is, as individuals. Safety in numbers is a brilliant tactic, and it can be used for stopping smoking, so long as the process itself remains personal.

Allen’s books are about your relationship with cigarettes, your behavior and your outlook. They don’t work by pressuring you into mirroring your friends’ journeys or quitting on a certain date. They work only on the assumption that you will read them wholeheartedly.

So how do you know if it’s your time to quit? Relax, the pressure’s off. Get yourself a copy of Stop Smoking Now (paperback, ebook, audiobook or our apps), while smoking to your heart’s content – and see for yourself! Forget the holiday pressures and focus instead on the beginning of your road to freedom!