Smoking Sucks

Allen Carr




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ISBN : 9781848589278

Publishing Date : 2012-07-09

About This Book

Smoking Sucks! is a unique tool for parents and teachers which provides expert advice on how to steer young people away from smoking. It explains why the most commonly used approaches don’t work and provides one that does.

Smoking Sucks! contains a cleverly designed and powerful pull-out comic called The Game for children to read. Written by the experts at Allen Carr’s Easyway and illustrated in the popular manga style, The Game gets the anti-smoking message across in a way that kids understand and enjoy and therefore respond to positively.

Allen Carr’s Easyway method is world-renowned for having helped millions of people. In an innovative and effective way, Smoking Sucks! applies this successful formula to the issue of children smoking.

About The Author

Allen Carr (1934-2006) was a chain-smoker for over 30 years. In 1983, after countless failed attempts to quit, he went from 100 cigarettes a day to zero without suffering withdrawal pangs, without using willpower and without putting on weight. He realised that he had discovered what the world had been waiting for - 'The Easy Way to Stop Smoking', and embarked on a mission to help cure the world's smokers. As a result of the phenomenal success of his method, he gained an international reputation as the world's leading expert on stopping smoking and his network of clinics now spans the globe. Allen Carr's 'Easy Way' method has been applied to a host of issues including alcohol, weight control, stress, gambling and fear of flying.