Celebrity endorsements:

Below is just a small selection of the many public figures who have successfully quit using the Easyway method.  For more testimonials visit the Allen Carr’s Easyway Worldwide website.



His method is absolutely unique, removing the dependence on cigarettes, while you are actually smoking. I’m pleased to say it has worked for many of my friends and staff.”

Sir Richard Branson





“Some friends of mine who had stopped using Allen Carr’s method suggested I tried it. I did. It was such a revelation that instantly I was freed from my addiction. Like those friends of mine, I found it not only easy but unbelievably enjoyable to stay stopped.”

Sir Anthony Hopkins


“Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking Program achieved for me a thing that I thought was not possible – to give up a thirty year smoking habit literally overnight. It was nothing short of a miracle.”

Anjelica Huston


“Someone gave me the book years ago…I found it very useful. It’s a great book.”

Lou Reed 


“This guy’s brilliant….And I haven’t smoked since – for like a year and a half.”

Ashton Kutcher


“There’ll be no going back.”

Neve Campbell


“It worked for me and about twenty of my friends. Seriously.”

Jason Mraz


Medical endorsements:


Dr William Green, Head of Psychiatric Dept, Matilda Hospital, Hong Kong

“It is a remarkable fact that Allen Carr, on his own admission a non-professional in behaviour modification, should have succeeded where countless psychologists and psychiatrists holding postgraduate qualifications have failed, in formulating a simple and effective way to stop smoking.”


Prof. Manfred Neuberger, M.D.
Head of Dpmt. of Preventive Medicine, Institute of Environmental Health,
Medical University of Vienna

“Some of my patients who successfully quit smoking after reading Allen Carr’s book and reports from Occupational Physicians about Allen Carr’s Easyway seminars/clinics made me curious.

First I decided to evaluate the seminars that were presented to employees in their workplaces over a period of 4 months. Successful quitters developed better mental and general health, vitality, physical and social functioning. I was amazed also about the unusually high quit rate after a single intervention: The 1 year quit rate was 40% (worst case assumption) to 55% (best estimate).

To control the results in a different setting and for a longer period of time I decided for a second cohort study in a large steel plant, where the occupational physicians were willing to make the follow up after the seminar by telephone over a mean of 3 years. Of 510 persons 51.4% reported continuing abstinence.

In a random sample of respondents cotinine concentration in urine was measured, showing agreement with smoking history. Of all persons interviewed 50.9% reported long-term abstinence.

Overall the success rates of Allen Carr’s Easyway seminars in the occupational setting exceeded those achieved by other methods. Every second smoker motivated to participate seems to be able to quit, even without medication, and to stay abstinent.”

Media endorsements:


“Normally when we have health or fitness gurus of any sort on this show they are greeted with great scepticism, but I have to say our switchboard is jammed and every single caller is positive about Allen Carr. It is quite amazing” (Julian Warricker Show)

“I was exhilarated by a new sense of freedom”

“Allen Carr explodes the myth that giving up smoking is difficult”

“I suffered no serious withdrawal pangs…a month later I still have no desire to smoke”

“Afterwards I couldn’t believe that I didn’t want to smoke – but I didn’t…after five months I havn’t had a single cigarette!”

“The Allen Carr method is totally unique …(we’re) convinced that this is the way forward for a non-smoking future”

The only Stop Smoking method to be awarded the top mark of 5 stars in the Daily Mail’s 31st December 2002 edition.

“A different approach. A stunning success”

“His skill is in removing the psychological dependence”

“Allow Allen Carr to help you escape today”

“It all made simple sense – no lectures, no scare tactics, no gimmicks and no nicotine patches which cost as much as cigarettes”

I’ve never met Allen and have no connections with him at all, but have been referring smokers to his clinics for almost 20 years” Carole Caplin (Lifestyle Guru)

“I always thought if I didn’t have enough strength to stop on my own – how could anyone else help – I can honestly say four months later – I havn’t missed cigarettes at all”

“I’ve never been more confident about not smoking”

“I reckon this method is as fool proof as it gets, so don’t bank on having to get your refund under the money back guarantee”

“No one is quite sure how the method works – but Anna hasn’t lit up since”

“The smoker does not feel he is depriving himself by stopping”

“An intelligent and original method”

“For the first time in my adult life I am free”

“Allen Carr has helped a host of top stars quit cigarettes”

“I’ve taken control – not because of graphic poster campaigns or shock tactics, but because John, the therapist, Allen Carr and me”

“In the pub I couldn’t understand why I didn’t want a cigarette – but I didn’t. Weird! Six months later and I havn’t touched a cigarette”

“I would definitely recommend this course…if I’d known it was going to be this easy – I would have quit ages ago”